Wednesday’s Euro Tips

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Wednesday’s Euro Tips


We hit a speed bump with yesterday’s predictions. Austria and Portugal did not go as planned. Fair play to Iceland and Hungary who had the bigger appetite. Wheyyyyyyy.

Today is make or break for our Accumulator which is still on track for £51,391.90!

Today’s TV: Russia vs Slovakia, Romania vs Switzerland, France vs Albania.

Prediction: Russia, Draw, France.

Russia, Draw and France
Russia to ease past the Slovaks, Romania and the Swiss to draw and a late win for France

NOTE: BoyleSports are refunding all losing bets if the crossbar is hit.

That has happened in 3 games so far so it’s worth signing up.

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We will be updating our wall chart as we go. Save it to your phone to play along.

Euro me a Drink
Play along with our Euro Me a Drink wall chart

Remember the biggest winning group stage prediction will win £150.

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