Tuesday 12th July | Euro 2016 Review

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Tuesday 12th July | Euro 2016 Review


‘Like a moth to a flame.’

In many years to come, the ancient history books will say that there was once a footballer who’s brilliance burned so brightly that all of the world’s moths came to see him captain his underdog nation to glory.

Of course, we all know the real reason for the moths was because a sleepy groundsman left the floodlights on overnight but that story isn’t as good.

Portugal are champions of Europe and Ronaldo’s career has been elevated amongst the all time true greats. Even from the sidelines his influence on the team shone through. Love him or hate him, the man is legendary.

Some will say it was undeserved for coming 3rd in their group and only managing to win one game within 90 mins, but Portugal played throughout with a battle-hardened, tournament-winning attitude: “DO NOT LOSE”.

France were undoubtedly the best team in the tournament but that’s not always what wins. In the end they were beaten by the only unbeaten team.

Portugal celebrating
Portugal – Euro 2016 Winners, yep winners.

Football Season 2016/2017

With the excitement of the Euros out of the way we can now look forward to the new season. It all kicks off in a few weeks time. The fixtures have already been released so get your predictions up now for the opening day.

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Euro 2016 Knockout Stage:

Biggest Winning Tips

1st: Balearic_Beats (£10 returned £756.00)

2nd: Etlevi (£10 returned £210.00)

3rd: Appstuff (£10 returned £172.40)

Congrats to the winners.