A look to the World Cup Qualifiers to get some much needed excitement out of some pretty dull looking games.

Without domestic divisions to help distract us from our hangovers and lives, the weekend could look as empty as Roy Hodgson’s England reunion party guest list but fear not for there is always football somewhere. Here are a few tips from the international games this weekend, enjoy! Ireland v Wales. Ireland go into this match … Continue reading

Tuesday 12th July | Euro 2016 Review

‘Like a moth to a flame.’ In many years to come, the ancient history books will say that there was once a footballer who’s brilliance burned so brightly that all of the world’s moths came to see him captain his underdog nation to glory. Of course, we all know the real reason for the moths … Continue reading

Euro 2016 | Semi Final Predictions

Big Throbbing Welsh Semi Inflatable sheep at the ready. Only Portugal stand in the way of Wales reaching the final of Euro 2016. Ronaldo vs Bale. Master vs Apprentice. Could this be a shift in the paradigm. Germany take on France in a fixture which could have been predicted from the start. We think that … Continue reading

Today’s Predictions | Thursday 30th June

Hung, Drawn and Quartered What a miserable week. We are down to the last 8 teams and unsurprisingly England aren’t one of them. But the show must go on. Wales are flying the flag for the United Kingdom and we hope they go all the way. Poland play tonight against Portugal who scraped through 3rd … Continue reading

Today’s Euro 2016 Predictions | 25th June

A few days without the Euros and look what happens. Yesterday was like Armageddon. Let’s hope the Euros can get everyone reunited and back in good spirits. The best way to do that is by knocking each others countries out of the competition. Today’s TV: Switzerland vs Poland, Wales vs N.Ireland, Croatia vs Portugal. Prediction: … Continue reading

Wenesday’s Euro Tips | 22nd June

Someone give Northern Ireland’s keeper a medal. How Germany didn’t score more is one of life’s great mysteries. Croatia were heroic to beat Spain. This means that Spain play Italy on Monday before the England game. What a day to be alive. Today we find out who England will play. Our scientists have done the … Continue reading

Euro 2016 | Tuesday’s Predictions | 21st June

England are through! Not in an ideal manner but it never is with England. Fair play to Wales for finishing top of the group. They looked very strong last night. Could they win it at 40/1? Might be worth some coins. Today’s TV: N. Ireland vs Germany, Ukraine vs Poland at 5pm. and Croatia vs … Continue reading

Well, well, well England.

So, both Wales and England are through to the knockout stages of Euro 2016 after the final round of games in Group B, however in rather different manners. England battered Slovakia for 90 minutes, but just couldn’t penetrate the bus that Slovakia parked in front of the goal. Chris Smalling did his very best to make … Continue reading

Sunday’s Euro Tips

Today’s Predictions Sunday funday. We get to watch Payet play again. The boy is magic. Today’s TV: Switzerland vs France and Romania vs Albania. Most games so far have been 0-0 at half time. Today could be the same. Prediction: Half time/Full time – Draw/France and Draw/Romania. NOTE: BoyleSports are refunding all losing bets if … Continue reading

Saturday’s Euro Tips

Today’s Predictions Shish kebab what a week. We are struggling to keep up. If you want to set up camp in a pub today then here’s what’s in store. Today’s TV: Belgium vs Ireland, Iceland vs Hungary, Portugal vs Austria. Belgium looked pony against Italy but we know there’s more in the locker. If they … Continue reading