Turkish Delight And Lyon To Fight

We’re at the Billy Business end of the Champions League, which means that some great odds are available to those who do some studying to find the clubs who need/don’t need results in the final round of group games. The good news is I’ve done the studying for you. The bad news is I studied … Continue reading

Spurs to get a kick up the Arse-nal at the Emirates?

If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll be furious to see a Premier League fixture list that sees as many games on a Sunday as the day before. Football hipsters and Super Sunday fan boys will be delighted to know there’s five games on Saturday as well as Sunday, meaning an equal opportunity for you to win/lose (delete … Continue reading

Is the Ghost of Drogba set to Haunt the Gunners?

So, you were seconds away from a slap in the face from SuBo… That’s for the people who read my blog at the beginning of the week. And for those who didn’t: sort your life out and read it here. Things will become a lot clearer. Anyway, enough with the Mickey Mouse EFL Cup; give … Continue reading